Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week 6: Belize

I am often surprised when I hear people talking about Belize as a destination for rich tourists. My brief encounter with Belize City two years ago left mostly an impression of vast poverty. It was not what I had pictured it to be, but one day is not enough to fully judge an island.

We had a day to explore Belize City. Me, my husband and another couple took a tour of the Mayan ruins. Our tour guide, who used to be a school teacher and found leading tours more lucrative, narrated while driving the hour to the ruins. The journey was not without bouts of nausea and elevated heart rates. The roads were narrow and bumpy, typically found on the way to some remote camp site and not usually associated with national highways. Right of way was given to the bigger vehicle. So, when a big truck approached, our vehicle had to pull off to the side.

The Mayan ruins, apparently discovered when they were building the highway, are beautiful and worth visiting.

We didn't have a chance to eat any of the local food, so I don't have any recommendations. But I will say that the cuisine is very mixed and was influenced by Mexico, Britain, Africa, Spain, and Mayan culture.

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