Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Mission

There are three things in life I enjoy doing the most; Eating, traveling, and writing. I couldn't have thought of a better way to combine them than writing about eating different foods from around the world.

I have been very lucky to find a job that fulfills my desire to travel, as I have been to more places in three years than I would have seen in a lifetime of travel. Although most of my visits have been short and superficial ( I was there after all for work) I have collected a wealth of knowledge about food.

My mission is to bring you recipes from around the world, and talk about the food and culture of each place, embellished of course with my stories and humor. Each week will be a new country, (a majority of them will be places I have traveled to, or places that my husband or friends have traveled to) for 52 weeks.

I ask that you please remain seated while the blog reading is in process, and I will take your mind and stomach on a journey around the world in 52 weeks.